Keys To Selecting A Music Radio Streaming App


Thanks to technology, now people have a lot of ways they can listen to music and the radio. One of the most convenient methods is using an app dedicated to these musical experiences. If you're looking for the right one, in particular, utilize the following search tips.  See How Advertising Works If you plan on using a free app that lets you stream both music and the radio, then you're probably going to be exposed to ads.

4 May 2022

Why Buying and Listening to Motown Music Is So Important


Motown is one of the most important music companies of all time, and one that focused heavily on important producers like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson over the years. Understanding the impact of these producers is critical for those interested in modern music. It is also important to buy and listen to this music to understand why it's still so critical. Why Listening to Motown Music is So Important Still

22 February 2022

Benefits Of Using A Mobile Recording Studio


If you're a musician who's looking to book a studio session, consider using a mobile recording studio instead. They're basically the same as any other recording studio, except they're on wheels. They can be made using a vehicle like a van, bus, box truck, or a trailer that can be towed. No need to travel One of the main reasons that a musician chooses to record in a mobile recording studio is how convenient it is.

28 December 2021

Will Online Flute Instructions Work For You?


The flute is one of the most delicate and sweet-sounding wind instruments and is often used in both band and orchestra performances. A beautiful instrument that is pleasing to listen to, the flute is a classic instrument that provides a real challenge that is rewarding to learn. If you want to know more about the flute, then taking lessons is great. There are even online flute instruction videos for beginners you can try to help you learn more about the flute and how to play it properly.

18 October 2021

3 Tips For Buying Your First Electric Guitar


If you have been playing around with a friend's electric guitar and decide that you want to take up the instrument, the best way to develop your talent and skills is by playing the instrument yourself. Tip #1: Pricing Matters In the guitar world, what you pay for is really going to impact what you get. Yes, there are entry-level guitars that you can purchase for under $100. However, those types of guitars will not produce the same sound as the high-end guitars that your favorite musician plays.

18 August 2021

Never Tuned a Piano Before? Know These 3 Things


Are you new to owning a piano and have never tuned one before? Having a tuned piano is essential to making sure that the music you are playing sounds as beautiful as it was meant to be. However, an out of tune piano will need to be adjusted at some point if you notice that the notes are sounding a bit off. Make sure to follow these tips to be successful at getting this job done.

14 June 2021

Why Take Guitar Lessons?


Maybe you used to take guitar lessons in the past. Maybe you've been able to teach yourself a few chords or enough to play your favorite song. Or maybe you've never touched a guitar in your life. Whatever your situation is, you might be considering taking guitar lessons. But perhaps you're wondering why you should pay for lessons when you can look up chords and information on the internet. There are actually plenty of advantages to being taught to play guitar by a teacher.

19 March 2021