Enjoying Holiday Music

Every year, I look forward to the Christmas holiday season. I love decorating a large, beautiful tree, baking delicious, seasonal desserts, going to holiday parties, and spending time with my parents at their farm. Because I’m a singer and a musician, I also like to listen to Christmas music. Sometimes, I listen to holiday tunes for several hours at the time. Whether I’m cleaning my home, driving down the road, or cooking dinner, my mood instantly improves after listening to some of my favorite holiday songs. On this blog, I hope you will gain an appreciation for holiday music. Enjoy!

Why Take Guitar Lessons?


Maybe you used to take guitar lessons in the past. Maybe you've been able to teach yourself a few chords or enough to play your favorite song. Or maybe you've never touched a guitar in your life. Whatever your situation is, you might be considering taking guitar lessons. But perhaps you're wondering why you should pay for lessons when you can look up chords and information on the internet. There are actually plenty of advantages to being taught to play guitar by a teacher. Here are some of the reasons why lessons are worth the cost.

Learn Correct Technique

Some people can learn to play quite well by teaching themselves. However, you'll likely learn faster when you are confident in your technique and receive personalized critiques. A teacher will be able to make sure that you're holding the guitar in a way that doesn't strain your wrist and that allows for the easiest playing. If you struggle to read the notes, they can help you find methods to help you learn to read music, such as tablature, which shows the fingerings for each note. They can walk you through strumming versus fingerpicking, using a pick, and tuning in a much more personalized way than the internet can, which will help you improve more quickly. You'll be better off learning it right the first time since relearning a skill can be even harder. 

Be Accountable to Someone

One big reason for taking lessons is that even if you are committed to learning, life can get in the way. It's too easy to tell yourself that you'll practice tomorrow and then never do it. However, if you are paying good money for lessons and have a teacher commenting on your progress every week, you'll be more motivated to get the practicing in since you know you will report to someone else. If you're serious about learning, having a personal teacher will really benefit you. 

Gain More Resources for Guitar Care

The internet is definitely full of all kinds of tips for caring for guitars, but all that information can be overwhelming and time-consuming to sift through. A teacher that you respect and trust will be the perfect person to teach you about maintaining your guitar. Guitar care and tuning can vary depending on your climate or other environmental factors. Your teacher will also know the best brands for guitar strings, cases, and other equipment, as well as the most reputable places near you to have your guitar fixed or cleaned. Your teacher will have more personal experience, making them a valuable resource.

Have Possible Networking Opportunities

You may just want to play the guitar for you, and that's great! However, if you are wanting to play with other people or be hired to play for events, having a teacher is an invaluable resource. Musicians will almost always know and work with other musicians, not to mention that your teacher likely has other students that they could get you in contact with. You could find people to start a band with or learn about a local open-mic night to get yourself out there. You never know who might have the next opportunity for you!

If you're thinking about taking guitar lessons, reach out to some music stores or musicians near you for more information.


19 March 2021