Enjoying Holiday Music

Every year, I look forward to the Christmas holiday season. I love decorating a large, beautiful tree, baking delicious, seasonal desserts, going to holiday parties, and spending time with my parents at their farm. Because I’m a singer and a musician, I also like to listen to Christmas music. Sometimes, I listen to holiday tunes for several hours at the time. Whether I’m cleaning my home, driving down the road, or cooking dinner, my mood instantly improves after listening to some of my favorite holiday songs. On this blog, I hope you will gain an appreciation for holiday music. Enjoy!

One-Shot Samples Help New Hip Hop Producers Succeed


Hip hop remains the most popular music genre in the world, and many young producers are trying to join the game. However, creating tracks that sound great at home on low-cost equipment can be a challenge to many new producers. Thankfully, one-shot samples are available to help make a track sound larger, livelier, and more professional for these young producers. 

Creating Hip Hop is a Challenging Business for Beginners

Hip hop producers are experts at creating music out of what can feel like non-musical sounds. For example, old-school hip hop used heavy drum machines and scratched records to produce a stark tone. And more modern producers use synthesizers, live instrumentation, and a myriad of samples to create a whirlwind of sounds and styles that make each record sound unique.

For a budding producer, getting control of all of these potential sonic options can be a challenge. They may have limited funds or lack access to instruments, such as synthesizers, that may help them create tracks. However, digital production tools—i.e., synthesizer programs and drum machines operated via computer software—and one-shot samples can help new producers create unusual sounds on a small budget without going to a studio.

How One-Shot Samples Help

A one-shot sample is a short recording that does not loop and can be used for many purposes. For example, a one-shot sample of a piano can be plugged into a sampler and arranged into many different notes. In this way, hip hop producers can produce catchy piano hooks that make their tracks stick in listeners' heads. However, drum samples may be the most important for hip hop.

The use of realistic drum samples allows producers to create grooves that feel live and make a song feel more engaging and exciting. These samples can be arranged in many different ways, including tweaking the off-beat of the track to produce a groove that feels like a real drummer. In this way, a producer can save themselves money by not having to hire a drummer to play on their tracks.

A talented and skilled producer can also use these samples to make their productions sound bigger and more expensive. For example, recording unique samples on cheap equipment often sounds tinny because the low-cost microphone cannot capture the full ambiance of the instrument. However, one-shot samples are professionally recorded and sound great right away, helping to make a track feel more professional.

Learn more by contacting a company with one-shot samples available. 


30 March 2020