Enjoying Holiday Music

Every year, I look forward to the Christmas holiday season. I love decorating a large, beautiful tree, baking delicious, seasonal desserts, going to holiday parties, and spending time with my parents at their farm. Because I’m a singer and a musician, I also like to listen to Christmas music. Sometimes, I listen to holiday tunes for several hours at the time. Whether I’m cleaning my home, driving down the road, or cooking dinner, my mood instantly improves after listening to some of my favorite holiday songs. On this blog, I hope you will gain an appreciation for holiday music. Enjoy!

How To Acquire The Best Music For Your Marching Band


The director of a marching band has many responsibilities. One of the responsibilities of the director is to put together the music that the marching band will perform. There are many popular marching band songs a director could choose from, but a director may also wish to use music that has not been used by a marching band before. This article can help you learn more about where to find music for your band. 

Organizational Music

Most marching bands will have an existing repertoire of songs that are owned by the organization that they represent. There are some marching bands that try to avoid popular music and show tunes and would prefer to instead rely only on traditional marching band music.

Adapted Music

There are several popular and classic songs that could be used by a marching band, but the song needs to be adapted so that it can be performed by instruments that are found in a marching band. For example, a song might have originally been intended to be played with drums and an electric and bass guitar but could later be adapted to be played with wind instruments.

Original Music

You might consider hiring a marching band arranger because he or she can compose an original song. This is a great way to ensure that your marching band truly stands out. Stock arrangements are useful when a marching band cannot afford more expensive solutions, but with stock arrangements, you have to work with whatever you can find. 

If you choose to hire an arranger, you will want to come up with a show concept. You will typically want to pick a concept that isn't too complex, but that can make an impact. A simple arrangement is ideal for competition, because the judges will understand what is going on and can judge based on your arrangement.

When you are not sure about what type of arrangement the judges might like, look at footage from last year's competitions and pay attention to the marching bands that won. This will give you a general idea of what the judges are looking for. When you are working with a marching band arranger, he or she may already be doing this. 

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your band and inform the marching band arranger of this. The strengths and weaknesses can help the arranger determine which music your marching band would be the most likely to succeed with. With great music, even if you don't win, your band will likely have more fun.


20 November 2019