Enjoying Holiday Music

Every year, I look forward to the Christmas holiday season. I love decorating a large, beautiful tree, baking delicious, seasonal desserts, going to holiday parties, and spending time with my parents at their farm. Because I’m a singer and a musician, I also like to listen to Christmas music. Sometimes, I listen to holiday tunes for several hours at the time. Whether I’m cleaning my home, driving down the road, or cooking dinner, my mood instantly improves after listening to some of my favorite holiday songs. On this blog, I hope you will gain an appreciation for holiday music. Enjoy!

3 Ways To Keep Playing Guitar With An Injured Thumb


If you cut or strain the thumb on your strumming hand, you may find it difficult to continue practicing the guitar. However, there are a few options that you can try to keep you playing while your thumb heals. 

Use a Pick 

If you have a small cut on your thumb that does not allow you to freely strum your strings comfortably but is not severe enough to keep it under wraps all of the time, you might consider using a pick as opposed to strumming with your thumb. If you already use a pick, you may not need to adjust your playing style at all. However, if you usually hold the pick very close to its edge, you may have to move back a bit to make sure you do not accidentally hit your thumb. If you haven't learned to utilize a pick yet, consider this the perfect time to try out some new techniques and increase your skills. 

Fashion a Thumb Guard 

If your injury is more serious, you may need more protection to make sure you do not split open your wound as it heals. For those occasion, consider a thumb guard. You can usually buy finger guards in the banjo section of most music shops or guitar stores. While they are meant for the picking fingers and not the thumb, you may be able to find one large enough for your thumb. If you want to make one of your own, consider sanding down the end of a lipstick cover or picking up a rubber infant toothbrush to slip over your thumb while you play. 

Practice Your Finger Picking 

If your thumb is sprained and you cannot strum with it at all, you may want to take this opportunity to practice your finger picking. Although full finger picking relies on the thumb to pick the lowest 2–3 strings, you can still work on strengthening your other fingers and improving your accuracy while your thumb is injured. Simply make sure that your thumb is properly splinted or wrapped to avoid jostling it, then rest your thumb on the body of the guitar while you practice picking with the rest of your fingers. 

While an injury to your strumming thumb may be disappointing at first, there are still many ways that you can keep playing guitar despite your injury. You may even increase your skills or find a new style of playing that you enjoy. 


5 February 2016